UK BAP Beetles Project

Natural History Museum, London.

This Site aims to provide universal access to all information on Specimens of all UK Biodiversity Action Plan beetles held by the Natural History Museum, London, UK.

Supported by Peoples Trust for Endangered Species.

Species and Habitats covered:

All Beetles (Coleoptera) from 78 species as currently listed on the UKBAP (United Kingdom Biodiversity Action Plan) updated as needed according to JNCC and NBN gateway system accepted taxonomy.

Full Project Aims:

1. To extract all data from individual specimen labels and notebooks concerning UKBAP coleoptera specimens (78 species, ~5,000+ specimens) housed in the Natural History Museum collection

2. To confirm identification and make an assessment of reliability of data and then make this available via open access and free of charge to conservationists, recorders and other interested parties via the internet and publications.

3. To provide on this website specimen photographs of all UKBAP species taken from collection specimens.

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